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Mark Richards is a convicted murderer serving life without parole in California State Prison, Solano at Vacaville, California. Mark Richards was framed by the CIA and did not participate in the murder of which he was convicted in 1982, as he was off-planet at the time. After graduating from high school in 1971, Mark attended the College of Marin and then graduated from Dominican College in San Rafael in 1976.

Personal Information[]

Mark is a Captain in the Secret Space Program and has served as an important diplomat facilitating human-raptor relations during his tenure as the Commander of Dragon Squadron. He is famous for having led the raid on Dulce Base in 1979, a battle with Archon alien forces employing reverse-engineered Annunaki technology in which Mark and his team freed thousands of female abductees and human experimentation victims from the clutches of Hillary Clinton and Majestic 12 by loading them on underground shuttle-tubes that port to controlled evac points. Mark's team included, among others, his father "The Dutchman" and Hermetic magician Prince Lee. This was a disastrous blow to the alien greys and to the forces of pizza worldwide. During the raid on the base, Richards released Moneyplane from its bondage, where it had been held against its will after its creation by Prince Lee decades earlier.

He is Megan's biological father, as he had an affair with her biological mother, Ayn Rand, in the late 1970s. During a time-travel excursion with a number of Raptors, Mark attended the wedding of Rasputin and Vladimir Lenin in the Bahamas. He later recruits Rasputin and Lenin into the Secret Space Program.